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Bed Bugs

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Services For Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs, as with any parasitic pest, require an intensive treatment program geared to your particular situation. Most Pest Control companies will only use a liquid residual treatment to treat for bed bugs. We strongly recommend a service that includes both steam and spray. We also offer the newest way to kill bed bugs: Cryonite. Find out more about this freezing technology at Cryonite For Bed BugsAsk about our Bed Bug Gold Program which includes insecticide, steam or Cryonite treatment, mattress encasements and bed bug defenders. It also includes an unprecedented 3 month guarantee. Please call one of specially trained bed bug specialists: 416-840-4040

We offer services for

    • Residential Homes
    • Inspections
    • One time Service
    • Multiple-Service Packages
    • Mattress Encasements
    • Bed Bug Prevention
    • Commercial Locations
    • Hotel Room Treatments
    • Apartment Building Cleanout Service
    • Church and Long-term Care Services
    • Monthly Building Inspect and Treatment

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Whether you have a residential or commercial property we carefully inspect properties to be treated. We evaluate our findings, desired results and potential risks to people, non-target species and the environment. Our technicians will then select appropriate control procedures including both chemical and non-chemical methods.

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Bed bugs have become the most prominent pest problem in urban cities. These pesky bugs are a problem for travelers, apartment dwellers and anyone living in urban environments especially in Toronto. See other cities for pest control information such as Mississauga and Richmond Hill.

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