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Bees / Wasps FAQ
Q. Each day, we have up to ten bees in our basement where our children play. We capture them and release them outside. Is it possible that we have a bee's nest somewhere in the house? Can a professional tell where they're coming from?
A. A professional will look for entry points around the perimeter.  There could be a nest in your walls. Check for gaps around plumbing hose bibs, dryer vents or other possible gaps in your exterior walls.
Q. We have suddenly noticed an odd shaped Bee Hive in our Maple Tree. The bees (black) fly in and out. Definitely does not look like a regular bee hive with honey in it.  We are not sure how to get rid of it or even if it is wise to touch it. Please advise.
A. They could be hornets which can be dangerous if provoked.
Q. For the last three years around the middle of August I get wasps swarming above my front door near the eaves. Why would they do this?
A. They may have a nest in the soffit or they may be gathering wood to make their paper nest.
Q. There is a lot of bees or wasps that fly in and out of a cement slab. The slab is lifted a bit and the pests seem to come and go and then are quiet during the evening they haven't stung yet but fly towards and around you when you get near. I sprayed a bunch of raid wasp and bee nest under and all around the slab at night nothing came out while I was spraying, but now there seems to be more activity and more flying and hovering around the slab.
A. You could try filling the hole with sand but they may find another exit or create one.  Ground wasp nests can be difficult to eliminate because the actual nest may be some distance from the entry hole.  Aerosol sprays can not reach the nest.  A residual insecticide dust available to licensed professionals is a better choice.
Q. I am looking for a good residual insecticide product to spray these carpenter bees. Also I understand there is a powder that works to control the larva. I got some pest control people over but I am concerned that these bees may return and want to get the right product.
A. Most insecticide sprays available to the general public have little residual effect.  A tiny amount of dust injected into the carpenter bee tunnels should kill the larvae.
Q. I have a wasp nest. The entrance is a small hole in the siding of my house, beside my front door. The information I have read says that they will not use this place next year, so it is possible to leave it alone and the problem will fix it's self next year?
A. Wasps do not go back to an old nest next year.  Plug up the hole in the winter.

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