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Wildlife FAQ
Q. I have a squirrel problem in the garden. I would like to know what I can use that's safe for the garden and all natural that I can make at home thatís is part of green living?
A. Repellent, either home made or commercial are seldom effective for any length of time. Trapping and relocation may be your best option.
Q. I just saw a huge raccoon climb out of my eaves at the cottage. I knew I had squirrels underneath and chipmunks, so took care of them and now I find this raccoon. What do I do? The poison I bought for the rodents won't kill a raccoon. What is the best way to get rid of it? It has ruined by roof and ceiling in the cottage, so I need it out first and then repairs to be undertaken. Thank you. Christine.  Ponemah, Manitoba.
A. It is not legal to poison raccoons or use rodent poison in such a way that it is harmful to other wildlife. Trapping and relocation is usually the best control method but check the provincial wildlife laws.  You may need a permit to relocate them.  Make sure you are not attracting raccoons with bird feeders, livestock feed or pet food.
Q. I think a raccoon has invaded my attic yesterday, because I can see an 'entrance' at the joint where the lower part of my side-split meets the higher part. But, what has me puzzled is that yesterday morning one section of soffit what pushed out of the eaves +-16-18' above a vinyl siding wall and approx 12' from either end of that wall. I've had problems with raccoons before at this house but they always gain access from trees up to a round vent on the roof that they would rip open. So I'm at a loss - during the day I hear or see absolutely anything which is also different than previously. But the soffit exit ??? I had to see it to believe it!!!  Marie.  Sudbury, Ont.
A. It's time to call a wildlife trapping specialist. Besides the damage they can cause, raccoons can be a serious health hazard.
Q. We have a cottage and for the past 3 years we have been trying to get rid of chipmunks as they come into the attic and do a lot of damage. We have not been able to find where they could possibly come in. Lately we have put some rat poison and when we came back a few weeks later we noticed an awful smell in the house as we walked in. We did find a dead chipmunk. Now a few weeks later I noticed we have maggots swarming on the living room floor and on the bedroom carpet. What is there to do?? Do we get an exterminator?? Get rid of the carpet?? and clean the house from top to bottom?? with what
A. Sometimes dead rodents can be worse than live ones. If you can't find the entry points consider hiring a professional that has experience dealing with rodents. Trapping is usually the best solution but traps must be maintained at least once every week. Of course you have to use caution where you place them to avoid injuring or killing other animals.  Once again, a professional cleaning service and a professional exterminator  may be your best choice.
Q. We are having problems with a family of raccoons that live in a neighboring yard (we live in River dale and yards are very small). The raccoons have chosen to use part of our roof for a "toilet", and we cannot get rid of them. In addition to hosing it off frequently, my husband tried to build a frame of chicken wire to keep them from this roof, but they get around it. They also make lots of squealing noise at night which wakens anyone sleeping in the nearby bedroom. Is there some way of moving them along? Do you recommend the ultrasonic devices advertised? If so, which ones? As we have 2 cats that go out during the day, we don't want to use poison. Janet. 
A. It is illegal to poison wildlife. If you can not block them off with screening, the best solution is trapping.  You would then have to deal with the trapped animals and in some areas it is illegal to transport wildlife without a permit. Ask a wildlife control professional for advice and a quote to solve the problem

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