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Pest Information: Fleas

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Information About Fleas

Fleas are ecto-parasites, or parasites that live outside the body. Other types of ecto-parasites are lice and ticks. Fleas feed off of their hosts' blood. The chosen hosts are normally four legged mammals however in the absence of such a host or in extreme infestations a human host will be sought out.

Fleas are a very adapted insect. They have specific adaptations that distinguish them from many other insects. One of these adaptations is the ability to survive without food. Fleas also have special physical adaptations such as their complex mouthparts that allow for piercing skin and sucking blood from their host.

Fleas are tiny, flat, wingless insects. Their exterior bodies are covered with several hard plates called sclerites. The outer shell protects the flea from getting crushed or injuring themselves from a long jump. The exoskeleton has the appearance of being smooth but it is actually covered in tiny hairs. These tiny hairs point away from the flea's head. This makes it easy for fleas to crawl through their hosts hair or fur. It also protects the flea if something tries to dislodge it. The hairs act as anchors to keep the flea on the fur or hair; similar to Velcro.

How To Kill Fleas: Treatment Options

Some insecticides kill adult fleas but not eggs, which means a whole new set of fleas can emerge after the adults have died. That is why we use a liquid residual spray which lasts until all the eggs have hatched and the adults have crawled over the chemical.

We also offer Steam services for fleas as well. Steaming services are offered for both elimination flea treatment and preventative treatment. Steaming areas include your carpets, couches and cracks and crevices. The best time for steaming treatment is at the onset of flea season (or whenever you begin your flea-control program). Though it is somewhat more expensive than insecticide-only treatment, steam cleaning is effective in killing flea eggs. This minimizes the time and the number of treatments needed to eliminate the flea problem.
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Services For Fleas

Fleas are a difficult pest to get rid of. It require a specific treatment method and procedure to achieve success in killing fleas. Please see some more information on Integrated Pest Management Practices. We use the best products available to licensed technicians only. All of our staff is specifically trained in the elimination of fleas.

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Whether you have a residential or commercial property we carefully inspect properties to be treated. We evaluate our findings, desired results and potential risks to people, non-target species and the environment. Our technicians will then select appropriate control procedures including both chemical and non-chemical methods.

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