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Mattress Covers

Bed bug proof mattress covers and encasements allow you to keep your mattress even if you have a bed bug problem. Once the cover is installed nothing can get in or out of the mattress or box spring. We recommend leaving the covers on or at least one year because bedbugs can survive for one year between feedings.


Our mattress covers fully encase the mattress with a rust proof zipper which is completely bedbug proof. There is an internal flap which prevents bugs from crawling out of the encasement even through the zipper! The mattress covers are waterproof, latex free, fire retardant and fully breathable, unlike their vinyl counterparts. Bugstop mattress covers effectively prevent bed bugs and dust mites infestations. This is done without sacrificing any of your sleeping comfort. The mattress covers contain 100% stretch knit polyester laminated to a urethane membrane with a satin feel. This polyester fabric blocks bed bugs, allergens, dust mites and their waste, mold spores, pollen, toxins and pet dander.

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