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Pest Control Durham

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We are the industry leaders in Durham region. We service a large area of southern Ontario including Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, and Whitby. Whether you are researching a particular pest, inquiring about service or looking for do-it-yourself products for pest control and prevention, we will have what you need.

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We are the major Pickering pest control provider and have been for over 35 years. Our technicians are seasoned and fully licensed. We take pride in being experienced in pest control and providing you with the best possible pest control options in Pickering and the entire GTA. We're always looking for smarter ways to manage pests. For more about our company, please see our About Us page.

Our seasoned technicians are the best trained in the business and well versed in the latest tools and techniques. Often, we work with customers and communities to find greener solutions to their pest problems - in fact, many of the communities we service prefer organic pest control and use only organic materials. Do you need more information about our practices of Integrated Pest Management

In every situation, our solutions are backed by the industry's most comprehensive guarantees, so you can be confident that you’ll see results.

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Advantage Pest Control is Pickering's leading carpenter ant, bedbugs, and mice specialists.

If you are looking for services in Southern Ontario please give us a call at 905-420-9019 or see our other area-specific pages

Pest Control Services

Whether you have a residential or commercial property we carefully inspect properties to be treated. We evaluate our findings, desired results and potential risks to people, non-target species and the environment. Our technicians will then select appropriate control procedures including both chemical and non-chemical methods.

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We carry a full line of sprays, dusts, and baits for Pest Control in your Pickering home. Please stop by our show-room and our trained staff can answer any questions you may have about these products.

Don't live in Pickering and still need Pest Control products? No problem, our online store is always stocked and open and we will ship your order out within 24 hours. Please visit our products page where you can search by pest, product name, and type of product.

Do you need more information about a product or service? Please visit the contact us page or submit an inquiry, we will have a trained professional give you all the help you need.

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Pest Control Oshawa

Oshawa's residents have many pets such as dogs and cats. The number of pets that venture both indoor and outdoor have caused a rise in the number of flea calls that we recieve. Fleas are a paracidic pest that feed off of both human and other mammalian hosts. We offer guaranteed flea treatment as well as many other pest control services in Oshawa. Please see more information on fleas.

Pest Control Ajax

Ajax has a high prevelancy for mice in both residential and commercial structures. One of the most common mistakes with mice infestations is underestimating the problem and not finding elimination solutions. Mice and rats can have litters of up 22 pups. Normally a litter consists of between 6 and 12 pups. The gestation is between 21 and 25 days. A female mouse or rat can have up to 12 litters in her lifetime, with an average of 3-6 litters. This means that a mouse infestion can erupt quickly and thrive inside your home.

Termites are thriving in Ajax. Termites are different than other pests and termite treatment requires the expertise of a professional knowledgeable about termite biology and habits and the latest in termite treatment methods.

Pest Control Whitby

Similar to the entire Durham region, Whitby Pest Control is often very focused on Mice and Wildlife. The densely forested areas and fields in Whitby allow for a wonderful breeding ground for rodents such as rats and mice (including field mice), squirrels and other mammals such as skunks, raccoons and possoms. We offer guaranteed elimination of mice and service plan options for wildlife removal. We have various wildlife removal options including trapping, one ways doors, eviction and preventitive measures to prevent wildlife infestations in Whitby. If you need Pest Control or Wildlife removal in Whitby please call us at 905-420-9019. We also offer do-it-yourself pest control products please see our Mice products and Wildlife products, we ship to Whitby, Durham region and across Canada.

Pest Control Pickering

We services a large number of commercial establishments in Pickering including restaurants, retail outlets and factories. We offer monthly, annually and one-time-service options for all of our commercial customers. As Pickering grows so does its residents need for pest control.

Our technician was recently on one of our biggest bed bugs jobs ever in Pickering. The location had the biggest infestation we had ever seen. Through a combination of Steam, Cryonite and residual spray we were able to eradicate all of the bed bugs in the house. We also helped the family in preventing future bed bugs from being brought in through Mattress Encasements and using Bed Bug Defenders on all of the beds inside the home.

Bedbugs In Pickering
See Our Steam and Cryonite Treatment Options

Pest Control Pickering - Bed Bugs