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Welcome to Pest Control York,

a division of Advantage Pest Control. Servicing York Region including Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

We are located in Markham and service a wide area throughout southwestern Ontario. Whether you are researching a particular pest, inquiring about service or looking for do-it-yourself products for pest control and prevention, we will have what you need.

Pest Control Markham

While servicing Markham we have noticed a high influx of mice and rat activity. This is especially true in the Hwy7 and McCowan area. To speak with a specialist in the Markham area please call 905-887-8559 or 416-840-4040.

With a lot of new development in recent years in Markham and York region, there has been an influx of rodents to the area. Construction often displaces rodents from their nests and they enter homes and businesses looking for new places of harborage. Give us a call about treating and preventing mice and rats at 416-840-4040. For more information on Mice and Rats and our rodent services please see our Mice and Rat page.

We are the major Markham pest control provider and have been for over 35 years. Our technicians are seasoned and fully licensed. We take pride in being experienced in pest control and providing you with the best possible pest control options in Markham and the entire GTA. We're always looking for smarter ways to manage pests. For more about our company, please see our About Us page.

Pest Control Richmond Hill

In every situation, our solutions are backed by the Richmond Hills's most comprehensive guarantees, so you can be confident that you’ll see results.

Cluster flies can be a very annoying pest problem. They cause a lot of distress to our customers in York Region especially in our farm customers in King City. The best time to treat them is at the beginning of April or in first weeks of October. Every year we treat many homes in York Region for cluster flies and other pests under our home protection plan.

Pest Control Aurora

The warm winter that we have had has caused an early beginning to our spring season. We have recently had call from Aurora and across York Regions for wasps. Wasps and bumble bees have annual colonies that last for only one year. The colony dies in the fall with only the newly produced queens surviving the winter. The new queens leave their nests during late summer and mate with males. The queens then seek out overwintering sites, such as under loose bark, in rotted logs, under siding or tile, and in other small crevices and spaces, where they become dormant. These queens become active the following spring when temperatures warm. They search for favorable nesting sites to construct new nests. They do not reuse old nests. Honey bees are perennial insects with colonies that survive more than one year. Honey bees form a cluster when hive temperatures approach 57 F. As the temperature drops, the cluster of bees becomes more compact. Bees inside this mass consume honey and generate heat so that those in the cluster do not freeze. As long as honey is available in the cluster, a strong colony can withstand temperatures down to -30 F. or lower for extended periods.

For Information and Helpful Hints With Pest Control please see: Pest Control Toronto


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Any pest control measure is a joint process. When you speak with a technician, they will let you know what you should be doing to help to eliminate your pest problem. All of our technicians are trained in the safe and effective application techniques and the habits of the pests to be controlled

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We offer services for Ants,Bedbugs, Bees/Wasps, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Mice and Rats, Wildlife and a wide range of other pests.

Carpenter Ants In Markham

Pest Control Mississauga - Carpenter Ants

It's that time of year again, the time when Carpenter Ants can invade your home. Our service will eliminate your problem now and prevent future infestations, with guaranteed results. Carpenter ants construct nests by burrowing into wood. Outdoors, they are found in dead trunks of standing trees, stumps, or logs, or under fallen logs and stones. The vegetation that flourishes in York Region including Markham, New Market and Aurora, are primary breeding grounds for colonies of carpenter ants. They can, on occasion, mine sound wood, but usually choose a soft wood, such as pine. Because of their preference for moist, decaying wood, their presence in a home can signal a moisture problem, or wooden structures suffering from decay.

Carpenter ants are different than termites. We also treat termites in York regions including Richmond Hill but termites are identified by different factors. These carpenter ants excavate galleries much longer than those produced by termites. Our specialists are experts at identifying carpenter ant infestations. The wood in a carpenter ant infestation is not eaten but ejected from the nest as sawdust-like shavings. In addition to tunneling in the trim of buildings, wooden steps and sills, colonies can nest in houses without attacking structural timbers, using hollow spaces such as wall voids, attic spaces, hollow doors, and can even be found behind books in libraries, behind drawers in dressers and cabinets, and in Styrofoam insulation. Please visit Carpenter Ants Toronto For information regarding service and products for Carpenter Ants. You can also see our Carpenter Ants Products page.