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Bed Bug Dome
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Bug DomeTM is an eco-friendly, effective, simple and discrete way of controlling bugs. Bug DomeTM Complete includes a main adapter, three plugs and three adhesive traps. Bug DomeTM consists of a heater and an adhesive trap which contains a special adhesive to catch the bugs and stop them escaping. 

The bed bug monitor/trap utilizes the heating element to attract the bed bugs to the device. The dome is also coated with a special attractant to entice the critters to the trap. When the bed bugs arrive on the dome trap they become stuck due to the glue material that is in the trap section. When the jail is full of bed bugs you can toss the trap and put in a new one.

Directions :

Place an adhesive trap on the heater. Plug in the device and then place the Bug DomeTM under a bed or any other location that you want to monitor. Check the adhesive trap regularly and replace it when the surface of the adhesive is coated in dust or dirt. You should replace the trap at least every six weeks in any case. 

Disposal :

The adhesive trap is treated as combustible waste. 

Used for Pest(s)
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