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Nightwatch Bedbug Monitering System
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The NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor from BioSensory Inc. features new technology that literally attracts and traps bed bugs.  Hotel and Apartment owners can use the NightWatch to detect if a room or unit has bed bugs, if a treated room is safe for occupancy, how bad an infestation is or even to control and eradicate an infestation. The NightWatch™ Bed Bug Monitor is scientifically designed to trap bed bugs with a proprietary, 7-part kairomone lure which uses the pests' own natural, biological attractants against them. By mimicking the CO2 (exhaled breath) and heat of a human body, NightWatch combines with this powerful lure to make one of the most effective bed bug traps available. Safe for use around children and pets (when used as directed). One trap will cover a 16' x 16' room.  For larger spaces, additional traps may be needed. NightWatch is intended to be used in conjunction with other bed bug control measures. CO2 sold separately - Look for a 20 oz. size bottle.

  • Detects bedbug infestations early
  • For commercial pest control use
  • Provides an early detection mechanism for bedbug outbreaks worldwideAnyone can learn to use NightWatch in 5 minutes!

Pest Services recommends NightWatch Bedbug Monitor as one part of an Integrated Pest Management program (inspection, treatment and monitoring, reinspection). 


Directions :

NightWatch Bedbug Monitors should be placed by the headboard, couch, lounge chairs, futons or wherever people are normally sleeping.

All of the research indicates infestations in their early stages are centered around the sleeping area (generally the headboard, pillow, nightstand area) wherever the person normally places their head. Bedbugs are attracted to the CO2 we exhale.

Install NightWatch Bedbug Monitor(s) near the sleeping area(s). NightWatch will attract even the smallest first instar bedbug because they all have to feed on blood to grow. If bedbugs are trapped again, contact your professional pest management company. They can perform even more intensive physical inspections, apply additional treatments (chemical, steam, heat, cold) to areas of concern and continue to monitor for an additional 7 to 14 days.

NightWatch lure should be replaced after every 7 nights of monitoring.

Disposal :

Once you have caught bedbugs in your nightwatch system, remove pitfalls on either side of NightWatch using finger holds, lift vertically. Dispose of bedbugs.

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