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Air Guard - Air Freshener Orange Burst
Price : $35
Important Notice : Note to user: This product is to be used only in accordance with the directions on the label. This webpage is not a label.
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For use in the KONK Automatic Dispenser. Eliminate odours caused by germs.

Directions :

Air Guard Deodorizers freshen the air with a concentrated, premium fragrance and a malodor counteractant that lasts! Use in our Automatic Dispensers or as a hand held spray. Ideal for use in: offices, restaurants, hotels, food service areas, waiting rooms, lobbies, medical offices, fitness clubs, garbage rooms, restrooms, RV's, homes and cottages. To operate in dispenser, remove the cap and button and screw in the can. One air deodorizer refill will last 30 days at 7.5-minute spray intervals and provides protection for 170 cubic meters under normal air flow conditions.

Used for Pest(s)
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